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The Lighten Up Way

Weight loss is achieved through 5: 2 intermittent fasting. It was not designed to be used with The Greengrocer’s Diet, however using recipes from the book on non-fasting days will enhance results, and enable you to lose weight and enjoy extra treats.

Discounts are available for everyone on their 2nd & 3rd round of the course.

Lighten Up in Body

Lose weight and feel good in the body. Be empowered through education, encouragement, and daily support. Sustainable transformation achieved through evidence-based psychology tools designed to help change behaviours.

Lighten Up in Mind

Learn how to prioritise your life. Discover new ways to reduce stress and anxiety – without turning to food. Remove mental barriers and refocus on what’s important to you.

Lighten Up Within

Discover your values and tap into what makes you happy. Let go of old habits and create new habits to make you smile.

Lighten Up Outside

Regain your confidence and reactivate your social life. Challenge your friends and discover the strength in sharing.

Lighten Up Packs

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight?

It’s often not enough to receive a healthy meal plan with recipes and shopping list and expect people to follow it and get healthy.

Many women, before menopause, never had an issue with their weight, while others – men and women – eat to manage stress, lack sleep, relationship issues, and boredom.

If your relationship with food and alcohol is affecting your physical and mental health, you can benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions with The Food Coach Judy Davie.

During a one-hour Zoom consultation we’ll discuss:

• Your current situation
• Obstacles – real and perceived.
• Strategies
• A practical, actionable plan


Book a one-on-one session now

Lighten Up in One-on-one gives you the opportunity to meet over ZOOM with Judy and discuss your personal needs.