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Is your current diet affecting your physical and mental health?

It’s often not enough to receive a healthy meal plan with recipes and a shopping list and expect people to follow it and get healthy.

Many women, before menopause, never had an issue with their weight, while others – men and women – eat to manage stress, lack sleep, relationship issues, and boredom.

If your relationship with food and alcohol is affecting your physical and mental health, you can benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions with The Food Coach Judy Davie.

During a one-hour consultation through Zoom we will discuss:

  • Your current situation
  • Obstacles – real and perceived.
  • Strategies
  • A practical, actionable plan to maintain a healthy diet
  • An introductory coaching session is yours for $85.
  • One session $85 Pack of 5 sessions $350

**BONUS** purchase a pack of 5 and get a free copy of the Green Grocers Diet

Simply choose a introductory session, 1 session or a pack of 5  from the dropdown options below, purchase, and then contact Judy to set up your preferred time. To book your one-on-one consultation, contact or call on 0413 831 697.

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