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About Us

“A healthy lifestyle enables you to lead a rich fulfilled life but doesn’t dictate your life.”

The Food Coach Lighten Up Course is backed by years of experience, from coaching individuals, corporates, blue-collar workers, and even an entire city! It incorporates a tried and tested coaching methodology used with clients, evidence-based fasting techniques which allow you to lose weight and still enjoy the finer things in life, and other proven practices learned over the past two years from a program that helped thousands of Regional Australians improve their health and wellbeing.

Lighten Up is for everyone over who wants to sustain good health to be happy and strong

About Judy

Over 20 years ago, I remember thinking how sick everyone looked in the lift on the way to my office on the 20th floor of Australia Square. They weren’t obviously sick they were just not obviously thriving. Not long after, I was asked to recommend someone to help a girl at work who was feeling down about her weight and general lack of energy.  Having seen what she typically ate, I  knew what her problem was and offered to help.

Call it blind faith, ignorance, or complete madness, especially considering that I was not a nutritionist, having worked successfully with Sue, I resigned from my job and started The Food Coach. It wasn’t that I was unqualified; I’d studied psychology, health, and exercise in the UK, had a pretty good understanding of people, and carried the same unfaltering belief that I have today, which is that life is better when you eat whole, natural, food, mostly from plants.

That was back in the days when most people didn’t consider the effect food has on them mentally and physically. Today It’s quite a different story. Health is big business and, in a world, where people’s choice of diet is as divisive as politics, it’s hard to find a voice of reason amongst the highly influential social media celebrities.

I hope I am one voice you can trust. I don’t eliminate whole food groups, source expensive ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, or set optimum performance standards for my clients. We are all people, each vulnerable in our way, getting through life the best way we can. I’ve lived long enough to know that while there are no guarantees in life, a healthy lifestyle is your best insurance to protect you from poor mental and physical health.

Optimise your health with the right food choices and master the motivation to stay on track 

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