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How to create a next-level salad

January 12, 2022
According to Wikipedia, the term salad days became popular in the middle of the 19th…
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Master one thing to improve your health

January 5, 2022
If, after 2 years where health has been front and centre of most people's minds,…
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Can you lose weight on summer fruit?

December 15, 2021
Can you lose weight with summer fruits? The short answer to that is yes but…
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Say yes to no-alcohol drinks

December 10, 2021
Today I explore no-alcohol adult drinks. It’s a fast-growing market that has led many well-established…
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Read the Label

December 1, 2021
ASSUME: Makes an ass out of you and me. I was reminded of this the…
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Why people prefer the 5:2 diet

November 24, 2021
I’m often asked if I think the 5:2 diet is as effective as a 7-day…