The Greengrocer’s Diet

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The Greengrocer’s Diet is a complete seasonal-based eating program that promotes long-term weight loss and good health. The diet is based on seasonally available ingredients and draws from all the major food groups – meat and fish, grains, dairy, and of course fresh fruit and vegetables. Stick to the portions and you will lose weight; increase the portions slightly and it’s suitable for the whole family.

The book includes over 220 delicious recipes all beautifully photographed, seasonal lists, meal plans, nutritional guidelines for every dish and clear, safe advice on occasional fasting. Also included are the success stories of The Greengrocer’s Diet participants, some of whom have lost up to 32 kilograms. Other benefits of the diet include lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, better sleep, improved skin and hair quality and big increases in energy levels.

Practical and delicious, this is a diet that will help you lose weight safely and over the long term, and will steer you towards a way of eating you and your family will benefit from forever.

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Lighten Up Packs

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight?

It’s often not enough to receive a healthy meal plan with recipes and shopping list and expect people to follow it and get healthy.

Many women, before menopause, never had an issue with their weight, while others – men and women – eat to manage stress, lack sleep, relationship issues, and boredom.

If your relationship with food and alcohol is affecting your physical and mental health, you can benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions with The Food Coach Judy Davie.

During a one-hour consultation through Zoom we will discuss:

• Your current situation
• Obstacles – real and perceived.
• Strategies
• A practical, actionable plan

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Lighten Up in One-on-one gives you the opportunity to meet over ZOOM with Judy and discuss your personal needs.

Usually $20 for 1 week or $38 for 2 weeks – 100% discount

Lighten Up in Lockdown was created to make planning, shopping, and cooking the weekly meals easier.  Stick to the plan and it will help you stay physically & mentally well. It should also stop you from gaining weight while we are under stay-at-home orders.

4 reviews for The Greengrocer’s Diet

  1. Larry

    Brilliant Aussie ‘real’ food recipes

    This book will put you on the path to eating fantastic ‘real’ food if you’re not doing that already. Recipes are exciting, easy to prepare and the flavours are well balanced and a delight to eat. The book is all about seasonal eating, which is what nature intended, so you’re drawn to supporting your local farmer’s markets and organic food stores. Don’t forget seasonal food is always cheaper too, so your wallet will thank you. It’s the best recipe book I own – and I have many!

  2. Julienne

    I stumbled across this book by accident and three weeks later, I’m a complete convert. I’m loving these simple guidelines for a healthy diet and superb, healthy, and easy to follow recipes. Bravo Judy Davie!

  3. Bod

    This is a fabulous book

    The recipes in this book provide a framework for a new way of life. They are very easy to make and understand and the outcomes are fabulous.

  4. Jennifer Nielsen

    LOVE this book. It sits on my kitchen bench and I use it all the time!

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