Good health improves the quality of life and enables us to be more engaged, active, and able to cope with the daily stressors of life.

If you’ve reached a stage where maintaining a healthy body weight has become increasingly hard you will benefit from this program. If you’ve felt defeated by diets in the past and struggle with motivation, Lighten Up will give you the inspiration to try again.

This course is for everyone who needs to lose weight, but wants the flexibility to still engage in life and not feel like they are always “on a diet”.

Judy Davie
The Food Coach & author

The 42-day program takes you on a journey and includes:

  • Daily emails, content, and online support from The Food Coach, Judy Davie
  • Evidence-based 5:2 fasting, delicious recipes for 2 x weekly 500 calorie days
  • Weekly eating challenges, that will become your long-term blueprint for healthy eating.
  • Video kitchen workshops, for meal ideas and inspiration.
  • Audio and video content. Save time reading!
  • Weekly relaxation practices to help manage stress, anxiety, and hunger cravings.
  • Evidence-based psychology tools to help reframe unhealthy thoughts.
  • Weekly curated content, includes videos and podcasts to build confidence, & keep you on track.
  • Membership to a private FB community to chat with Judy and members sharing the journey.