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For over 20 years, I’ve used the analogy of food as fuel. You eat the food, so your body runs smoothly in the same way you put the recommended fuel in your car to run well.

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve never compared people to types of cars, which led me to think about our sense of selves and how most people don’t see themselves as the BMW or Porcha of people which is a pity, because if they did we’d all be in better health.

It’s been said before that I don’t think like most people, but bear with me here.

Let’s imagine, you had always seen yourself as a prestige being, and consequently took great care of yourself in every imaginable way. You’d probably behave as if your body is a temple selecting only the best produce, eating the right amount, balancing micro, and macronutrients, and doing just enough aerobic and resistance training for optimum performance. I think we all know people like that, if not personally. Let’s face it, we’ve been pitted against many of these Hollywood Goddesses for years.

But most mere mortals don’t think like that. They are juggling jobs, children, finances, family dramas and a whole host of other things; they, if they had to make the comparison, may see themselves as a Mazda or Toyota, or as my sister said when I read this introduction to her, a bashed up Mini.

So here we are, a bunch of Mazda’s Toyotas and a few bashed up minis, going about our business,

trying to do our best. The body works well enough, it takes us where we need to be. It’s fine. Not as fine as it would have been were we BMW’s or Porches, but it’s not important enough to care.

And here’s where it gets interesting.  

In time, when our human Mazda and Toyota chassis start to give out, the servicing becomes more expensive and more frequent. We chose to service it, or we don’t.

What are the options if we don’t? What choices do we have?

There’s no new or pre-loved replacement for us to buy, it’s fix it or splutter along for as long as possible until we end up in the human wrecker’s yard.

The decision to take care of ourselves later in life, to my way of thinking, is far more compelling than when we were younger. Back then it was probably to look good, later in life it comes down to what works.

  • If your weight is trending up, you can stop the trend and lose weight now.
  • If you blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are all higher than the doctor would like them to be, then you can do something about lowering them.
  • If your digestion is sluggish, your bowel movements infrequent and you experience discomfort you can change your eating habits to improve it.
  • If your body is inflamed and in pain, you can reduce the inflammation.

We’re not Porsches or BMWs, but we are heading to earn the title of vintage and with that comes its own prestige.

Lighten Up Spring launches on September 8th and starts on September 11th and if you sign up and follow the program for 6 weeks you will lose weight and learn how to look after your vintage model in order to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, reduce inflammation and improve digestion.

Sign up by Friday 25th August 2023 using the COUPON Code  EBSp2350 to get $50 off.

It’s a 6-week investment in yourself and cheaper than any car service I’ve ever paid for ????

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