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There’s no end to the number of kitchen appliances you can buy for your healthy kitchen; believe me, I have loads, but I’m here to tell you that while at some time I must have thought I needed them all, I don’t and nor do you.

The top three kitchen appliances are:-

1. High-speed blender
2. Air fryer
3. Pressure cooker (especially in winter)

Other appliances I have include; a rarely used Kitchen Aid mixer and food processor, an electric hand mixer, a vegetable spiraliser (an impulse buy from Aldi which is good for fasting days), an electric lemon juicer, which I need a ladder to get to,   a slow cooker, (the pressure cooker can slow cook), a juicer, a bread maker and a sausage-making machine 🙂

If we were to move to a new house with a smaller healthy kitchen, I would keep the top three and argue the case with my husband to keep the Kitchen Aid mixer, hand mixer, and forget the rest.

So, let’s talk about the top three appliances, why I like them and what you can do with them.

High-Speed Blender

Those who have watched any of my videos will have seen how well used this appliance is. (Vitamix, if you’re reading this, I really would LOVE a new jug!) The Vitamix gets a daily blast, sometimes more. It’s earned its keep many times over to make smoothies, blended soups, bread crumbs, chopped nuts, stir fry sauces, salsas, frozen desserts, and more. It came with a 7-year guarantee and has already outlasted its warranty – happy days on that one.

Air Fryer

Aldi makes a very reasonably priced version of these, which I can’t vouch for (mine is a Phillips) but this is an appliance I know you will love. It virtually lives out on my kitchen benchtop and while it does cook meat, poultry and fish I tend to use it mainly to roast vegetables including potatoes, sweet potatoes, veggie chips, tomatoes, and roasted nuts. Cleaning is easy, and to dry, I just whack the drawer back in the machine, switch it on for a couple of minutes and it’s sterilised dry.

Pressure cooker

I have literally just released the lid from the pressure cooker and wolfed down some warm, honey-spiced quince which took 30 minutes in the pressure cooker compared to about 2 ½ hours in the oven with a whole lot less fuss. Forget the days when pressure cookers regularly went Ka BOOM launching terrifying blasts of scalding steam into the air. These days pressure cookers are safe. For winter soups, casseroles, root vegetables like beetroot, legumes, and slow cooking, this appliance is the bomb.

I’d love to hear which appliances you can’t live without so leave your comments below.

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