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The other day my husband and I had an argument: Without going into the details, I used the analogy of a person who eats butter every day, continues to ignore the warnings and gets upset when he/she has a heart attack.

In a less hot-headed exchange, I would have said “eats a load of” butter AND cheese, cream, croissants, cakes, and biscuits”. The point was, and is,  if you’ve been warned about something and you continue with the same behaviour you shouldn’t be surprised by the outcome. Prevention is better than the cure

We all know that it is better to stop something before it happens instead of having to repair it or deal with its consequences after it has already been done. We service our cars, re-oil the timber deck, give our dogs a monthly tick treatment, but many people don’t modify their behaviour to prevent ill health. Some people are literally walking around like ticking time bombs and still don’t change their behaviour.

Lose weight, eat healthily, exercise or die

In a conversation with a mother of 5 kids the other day she said, “many parents want to be their children’s friends and don’t give them boundaries or ask them to do anything they don’t want to do“. I don’t think it’s just parents. I think we all sugar-coat things and don’t speak our truth for fear of offending someone: I do. I’ve already changed the title of this article because I was worried the original title was too hard-hitting.

Even doctors sugarcoat their advice. Few doctors I know will come right out and say “Lose weight, eat healthily, exercise or die” although I did hear of one doctor who used those exact words, and the results were transformative.

Next year I’ll be 60 and I look back on the years and wonder where they went. Life didn’t go so fast in my teens, ’20s and 30’s but it now seems to be freewheeling and I want more time. Don’t you?

While there are no guarantees, a betting person would say the odds of living longer are better when you live healthily. You’re also more likely to live a better life being healthy.

If you are carrying too much weight and fat is accumulating around your middle, it’s time to do something about it, because the fat is accumulating and clogging up your vital organs. Get rid of the fat, not for aesthetic reasons but to give yourself a fighting chance to extend the years you have left.

If your diet consists mainly of packaged foods and takeaway, it’s time to do something about it

If your bones and muscles creak and groan, then it’s time to move through the pain and get active.

Don’t give up on yourself. Whatever age you are, there’s a better life to be lived when you are in better health.

If you feel that it’s time to do something about your health, then email Judy at for a free 10-minute chat to discuss some strategies on how to get started.

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