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Booksby Judy Davie

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    The Greengrocer’s Diet

What They’re Saying

Brilliant Aussie 'real' food recipes

This book will put you on the path to eating fantastic 'real' food if you're not doing that already. Recipes are exciting, easy to prepare and the flavours are well balanced and a delight to eat. The book is all about seasonal eating, which is what nature intended, so you're drawn to supporting your local farmer's markets and organic food stores. Don't forget seasonal food is always cheaper too, so your wallet will thank you. It's the best recipe book I own - and I have many!



I stumbled across this book by accident and three weeks later, I'm a complete convert. I'm loving these simple guidelines for a healthy diet and superb, healthy, and easy to follow recipes. Bravo Judy Davie!


This is a fabulous book

The recipes in this book provide a framework for a new way of life. They are very easy to make and understand and the outcomes are fabulous.