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Become a Lighten Up Facilitator

A message from Judy Davie

Years ago, while I was developing and writing the recipes for The Greengrocer’s Diet, I organised groups of people to meet weekly and discuss their experience.

I never intended to run these groups like a weekly Weight Watchers’ weigh in, (I just wanted feedback on what people felt about the recipes in the new book), but it turned out that the weekly check-in held people accountable, boosted their spirits, delivered better results that an individual doing it alone, and the meetings were great fun.

Since then, it’s been my dream to set up groups of people all over the country who can learn how much better life is when they eat well.

We can do that with Lighten Up facilitators who set up the groups and organise the weekly meetups. The content is written and available to support people in day-to-day activities, the missing piece of the puzzle is the social engagement.

As a facilitator you don’t need to be fighting fit and slim, you just need to be on the journey, excited about getting healthier, and happy to work with a group to do it together.

Whether you meet through zoom, organise a weekly walk, or a meeting in your house, as a facilitator you will receive 30% commission on sales when you set up a group of 5 or more people.

If you have questions and want more information becoming a facilitator email