Lighten Up in Lockdown

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Lighten Up in Lockdown was created to make planning, shopping, and cooking the weekly meals easier.  Stick to the plan and it will help you stay physically & mentally well. It should also stop you from gaining weight while we are under stay-at-home orders.

  • Meal plans
  • Live kitchen session – Zoom
  • Recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Healthy eating challenge
  • Suggested things to do each week.

Most of the recipes are for 2 people but they can be scaled up or down. The shopping lists will help you get in and out of the shops quickly.
If you don’t want to stick to the whole plan, aim to stick to the healthy eating challenge each week. And, because we all know it’s not only about the food we have a few ideas to take your mind off food, and lockdown.


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6 reviews for Lighten Up in Lockdown

  1. Maree

    What fabulous offer for 2 weeks during lockdown looking forward to receiving recipes , ideas
    Thank you

  2. Rhonda Cox

    Looking forward to it! Thankyou 🌸

  3. Rhonda Cox

    Wonderful idea

  4. Mary Oxley

    Not to be missed Judy Davie’s recipes and insights on health and well being will keep you well nourished and energised. Such a generous offer. 🙏 Mary

  5. Gerard Ryan

    Thank you Judy DavIe for this, what a generous offer and timely as we face this lockdown.
    Your food and recipes are so helpful, we will be better for their nourishment.
    Anyone wanting to eat well with in season ingredients would do well to check this out.

  6. Leonnie Byrne

    This is a brilliant initiative! I am really excited for the coaching, advice and support. Looking forward to getting started.

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